Momofuku Ando Day Photo Contest: The Winner Is…

The contest had four submissions! Here are the rankings of the four as judged by my wife Kit. She didn’t see any of the pictures until a minute ago and had no idea who submitted them.

First place and the winner of the prize – Sandy H.! “My dog Saki says, “I’m jinjja jinjja hungry for that Jinjja Jinjja ramyun!” Dog face I added mandu (dumplings), Serrano peppers, and eggs to this.”

2nd place – Justin C. “I had my friend… um… Yankii J… come over and make his favorite noodles: Shin Ramyun Black. Here he is presenting it to you.
He fried up three slices of thick-cut SPAM and a “perfect runny egg” (he cooks it with a glass over it to steam it). Then he put Mrs. Dash on top to season it slightly (“Not that ‘Shin Black’ needs it, really” he told me in confidence).
He said that he likes to eat ramen like this right after breaking someone’s kneecaps. He says the spicy flavour of the ‘Shin Black’ soup pouches really make his tastebuds dance. The SPAM reminds him of the poor home he grew up in while the egg gives a richness to the meal (with the runny egg yolk “completing the soup”).”

3rd place – Polly 2. “Quiet serendipitously I came across a package of Sapporo Ichiban Chow
Mein noodles at my local bodega. I was hungry and on a whim bought a
pack. I googled the name of the noodles, because like most folks I was
only familiar with eating a ton of Top Ramen as a kid. Your site was
one of the first hits and was impressed at the reviews. Now my love of
instant noodles has been rekindled.”

4th place – Roger S. “Attached is my submission for the photo contest. It was surprising how difficult attaching an instant noodle package loin cloth to a baby is. =)”

Wow – those were really unique! Thank you all for participating! I’ll be doing this next year too! Maybe a contest will come up in the next year too – you never know!

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