#154: Nissin Cup Noodles Creamy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

So second in our series of cup noodles is the old standard. As it says on the packaging, they’ve been making Cup Noodles since 1971 and Nissin was the first to make cup noodles. Creamy chicken is a newer flavor – I’m sure plain chicken was the original.

Click image to enlarge. Here’s the top. I liked the warning so as not to give the children burns…

No packet here – just add hot water and 3 minutes later…

Presto! A Cup Noodles (click image to enlarge). Okay let’s begin. Noodles weren’t all that great – they were somewhat firm but they seemed very funky; kind of fake and lackluster. A spongy firmness I didn’t find to be a great texture at all. The vegetables were well, kind of stale tasting. The peas don’t seem to rehydrate to their full potential and end up chewy, as to the corn, the same. The carrot isn’t bad. The creamy broth however is very tasty – I liked the flavor. All said and done, I’m not extremely happy with this one. I’m giving it a 1.75 out of 5.0 stars.I’m very curious what the version of this for the Japanese market would be like – better? I’ll bet it is! Especially is the difference between Nissin’s Demae Ramen and Top Ramen are any indication. UPC bar code 070662030165.


  1. You need to get the Italian Flavored. They are probably a bit rare in most grocery stores, but trust me – much better than the other flavors.

      1. While Maruchan has about four or five flavors of their Instant Noodles, their cup noodle selection is crazy. I’ve seen some really off flavors – mac’n’cheese I think was one of them. Fear not my friend; I will review their stuff too. I am committed to being thorough. That’s the Ramen Rater way.

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