Lishan Food Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Chinese Instant Noodle

I got this stuff literally a few years ago and it’s been sitting about 90 miles away in a dark cupboard since. It’s a strange one.

Non descript packets. I figure its chicken flavored.

And then this weird little thing. It’s a cellophane pouch with a little green piece of vegetable matter in it. Reading the ingredients, it says its onion and black pepper, but it looks like something else.

Inside the package was the noodles – in their own package.

Left side – silver packet, right side, funky nugget smooshed up.

Click image to enlarge. I think since it’s been a few years, these noodles just aren’t the way they’re supposed to be. They smelled funny and taste pretty awful. I won’t give them a rating this time. Thing is I haven’t seen them anywhere since that time a few years back. Hmm…

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