The Wall Of Fame

For a while now, I’ve been asking manufacturers that send me samples to also send along a poster or advertisement print autographed by people at the factory or their marketing department. Here are all of the posters I’ve gotten so far (click to enlarge). If you’d like your poster on the wall, please send me an email!

Nissin Foods Mexico – Mexico (click to enlarge)

CarJen – Malaysia (click to enlarge)

Nyor Nyar – Malaysia (click to enlarge)

Mr. Lee’s Noodles – UK (click to enlarge)

Mi E-Zee Instant Noodles – Malaysia (click to enlarge)

Jingqi – Taiwan (click to enlarge)

Jingqi – Taiwan (click to enlarge)

Nissin Japan (click to enlarge)

Mom’s Dry Noodle – Taiwan (click to enlarge)

MyKuali – Hong Kong (click to enlarge)

Jin Mai Lang – China (click to enlarge)

CarJEN – Malaysia

MyOri – Malaysia


CarJEN – Malaysia

Wugudaocheng – China

MyKuali – Malaysia

MyKuali – Malaysia

Prima Taste – Singapore

Samyang Foods – South Korea

Sky Thomas Food Industry Sdn Bhd – Malaysia

Pt Indofood CBP – Indonesia

Ah Lai – Malaysia

Takamori Kosan – Japan

Maggi – Singapore

Maggi – Singapore

Mamee Chef – Malaysia

Nissin Foods  – Singapore

Nissin Foods – United States

Thai President Foods – Thailand

CarJEN – Malaysia

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