October 18, 2010

#170: Myojo Chukazanmai Japanese Style Noodles With Soup Base Soybean Paste Flavor

Second one of these I’ve tried…

Some dry powder, some goopy stuff which I figure is soybean paste.

And yes – it was soybean paste and sesame oil. I must admit it was one of the harder packets of goop that I’ve dispensed.

Click image to enlarge. The noodles were decent and had some characteristic firmness I enjoy. The broth was delightful – full of complexities I would describe as deep. Some sesame seeds, sesame oil beads dancing atop the soup and the soybean paste flavor rounding it out. Tasted like some kind of meal I would expect to have in a nice place by the water. I’m giving this one 3.5 out of 5.0 stars. It was pretty great stuff! Get it here.

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