September 12, 2010

#134: Global Inspiration Gyeong Gi-Do Rice

Thought it was a bowl something – didn’t expect it would be a bowl of not noodle!

No thing on the container for the most part was in english. I got it at Paldo World and imagined it to be Korean. I figured it was at least flavored something…

You get a bag of dehydrated rice and a spoon. There weren’t even english instructions on how much water or even number like 500 I could extrapolate as being 500cc’s or something… So I put in a bit of boil and thought I’d see what happened.

Click image to enlarge. Mushy rice. I added Gold’n’Soft margarine and Cavender’s greek seasoning. Meh. It’s not instant noodles but it is some odd instant rice. I give it geez I dunno; average? I gotta mark it down for not breakin off the digits… 2.25 stars? Yeah 2.25 stars.