#134: Global Inspiration Gyeong Gi-Do Rice

Thought it was a bowl something – didn’t expect it would be a bowl of not noodle!

No thing on the container for the most part was in english. I got it at Paldo World and imagined it to be Korean. I figured it was at least flavored something…

You get a bag of dehydrated rice and a spoon. There weren’t even english instructions on how much water or even number like 500 I could extrapolate as being 500cc’s or something… So I put in a bit of boil and thought I’d see what happened.

Click image to enlarge. Mushy rice. I added Gold’n’Soft margarine and Cavender’s greek seasoning. Meh. It’s not instant noodles but it is some odd instant rice. I give it geez I dunno; average? I gotta mark it down for not breakin off the digits… 2.25 stars? Yeah 2.25 stars.


  1. What you bought was what we Koreans call Nooroongji, or the slightly burnt rice found at the bottom of pots when we don’t use rice cookers. Usually, they’re served with hot water and no flavoring(which is what the package tried to imitate), or sometimes crisped up further and eaten as a crunchy rice snack. All in all, I’m sure it’s a bit strange for someone who’s not used to it!

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