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#3500: Fujiwara Shijimi 70KO Chikara Ramen – Japan

#3500: Fujiwara Shijimi 70KO Chikara Ramen - Japan

Another one from James of Lakeside, CA – thanks again! So, what have we here? Well, this is a special ramen – clam flavor (shijimi) – specially about sumo (chikara). Clam noodle soup for wrestlers. Sounds interesting – let’s check it out! ...see full post

#2822: Nagatanien Chanko Shio Ramen

#2822: Nagatanien Chanko Shio Ramen

Found this at Yaohan Centre’s Osaka Market up in Richmond, BC Canada a few months ago. Sometimes they have a section featuring fancy import instant noodles and this was with that. I’m not really sure about this one as far as the title goes, but it’s shio – that I’m pretty sure of. But the bowl it’s being served in in the image makes me think it may be nabeyaki or some other kind. Either way, I’m fascinated. From the TV spot below, I’m thinking this is a special endorsement from this sumo wrestler, however I’ve no information about who he is. He certainly looks happy to be on the box! Let’s give this one a try. ...see full post