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#2600: Nissin Cup Noodle Nice Rich Pork Shoyu


#2600: Nissin Cup Noodle Nice Rich Pork Shoyu - カップヌードルナイス - Japan - The Ramen Rater - instant noodles ramen

I couldn’t help myself. I thought that for my 2,600th review, maybe an homage to the first video game console I’d ever played was in order. I thought the pixelated graphics could do a nice job and so here we are. So this is a new range for Nissin Cup Noodle Nice. The Cup Noodle Nice look to me a distant cousin of the Cup Noodle Light+ series – they contain non-fried noodles for starters. They have the same fiber as a ton of lettuce, lower calories, etc. If this comes out as good as the Light+ varieties did, then this should be something special. Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about Nissin Japan – ...see full post