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#2101: Samyang Foods Pojangmacha Udon

Here’s another one from Colin – thanks! Pojangmacha are street food stalls found in South Korea – I really hope to try this some day! This is a spicy seafood soup from South Korea. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#15: Samyang Pojangmacha U-Dong

Samyang: Pojangmacha U-Dong
Stars: ** 1/2
Notes: These were some interesting noodles. First off, they are called ‘u-dong’ and not ‘udon.’ Second, they had something called ‘sea tangle.’ I believe that the sea tangle is the true redeeming quality of this package. As far as the flavor, it wasn’t the best in the world. Wasn’t really seafoody… I dunno – didn’t really taste different – just ‘other’ seafoody, and smelled good. I mostly enjoyed the very exciting sea tangle. ...see full post