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#409: Payless Instant Mami Chicken Flavor

So here’s something new by a name I’ve liked a lot in the past. I have always given high marks to Payless’ Pancit Canton varieties, but this is the first time with some Instant Mami. Mami? What is Mami?! Wikipedia says it is:

Mami, a type of noodle soup found in the Philippines

Okay that’s a start… After looking around a bit, it seems that Pancit Mami means noodles in broth, so I’m figuring since that’s what this is, that’s what it be.

A single solitary packet of powder.

Some seriously white powder! Kind of hard to photograph, but got a good angle going on here.

Click image to enlarge. Since it was my breakfast, I added two eggs (fried), which have a little douse of pepper and were cooked in a light amount of spray olive oil and garlic salt. Finally, I sliced a single slice of roasted turkey breast lunch meat.

So the broth is nice – very homey and comfortable; not too salty at all. The noodles are basic as can be and not out of the realm of basic expectations. The eggs went well as did the turkey and seasoning. It was a hearty and warming bowl of noodles. I liked it immensely. 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

A commercial for the beef variety.

When I first got WiFi on a laptop years back, I decided it’d be cool to check out streaming radio. So I Googled streaming radio on Google. I found a huge list and quite by random, came across WWOZ New Orleans, LA. It was during a show hosted by a lady who went by the Soul Sister and was a show devoted to deep funk and rare grooves. During this, I got turned onto an album Nigerian Disco Funk and have dug on this stuff ever since, Worth an earfull!

#339: Payless Xtra Big Chilimansi Pancit Canton

So I’ve been waiting for a good time to try this stuff and today seemed the right time. My 5 year old stuck his headf in the ramen box and picked it out for me. I have so many and its so hard to pick that I often ask family to pick the one I’m going to have – and usually after they pick once or twice I agree to the one the pick the third time.

So the last one I had by Payless was their ‘original’ flavor pancit canton.  Pancit means noodles in the Philippines – they were introduced by the Chinese way way back. I am pretty sure that’s why they’re pancit canton – Canton is a province of China – Cantonese etc… I have a packet which I have been challenged to try but yet to called Pancit Shanghai. There are others like pancit palabok and bihon, but so far I really really like the pancit canton.

Then there’s the chilimansi aspect. Basically it means hot pepper and lime flavor. Now, on with the review!

Three packets of power! The first is a seasoned oil, then a dark soy sauce I think, then a packet with dry powder within.

Ah that looks quite nice! This stuff is prepared identically to a couple of my favorites – Indomie’s Mi Goreng varieties and Special versions. Cook the noodles, drain and stir in a bowl that you’ve put all the flavorings in. If you make this with some broth, it will taste really wrong – strange how water would do that, but trust me – you don’t want to skip the drainage step.

Click here to enlarge. I added two fried eggs, some Kizami Shoga [pickled ginger], fried shallots and a little sriracha sauce. The noodles were awesome and very tasty! A bit of chili flavor, a bit citrus. Kind of sweet and salty too. Everything played off of eachother and it was like listening to some groovy funky music but it was going from the bowl into my facehole, getting chewed and into the great oblivious beyond that is my digestive system. Good good stuff – stuff of poetry and philosophy. 4.5 out of 5/.0 stars. Get some and eat it!

Tagalog’s an interesting language – how it goes from something that sounds so foreign and then bam – english! Pretty cool.

Here’s some of the kind of stuff I’ve been diggin on lately. Lots of 60’s/70’s synthesizer music too – in fact my collection is just too big.