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New King Size Bowls From Paldo!

My friend Moses over at Paldo America sent me a package!

Wow these are really big bowls! Jjajangmyen is a noodle with spicy black bean sauce and Jjamppong is a spicy seafood noodle soup! Thanks!

A Square Ramyun Pot From Paldo America!

Hey look! A friend at Paldo America said he had something to send me!

It’s a pot! It’s square for square ramyun blocks!

Looking forward to breaking this new pot in – thank you!

New Samples From Paldo

A box of samples from Paldo – what are they?

My pal Moses over at Paldo America said it’s a new beef broth traditional soup – I’ve liked those in the past! Thanks – looking forward to trying this!

Cheese Ramyun Samples From Paldo

My pal Moses over at Paldo sent me a message the other day: “I’m sending you something…”

Cheese ramyun! Something brand new by Paldo over in South Korea! Cheese is good stuff and the little cheese guy holding up a sign that says cheese noodle is awesome. Thanks Moses! I’ll be giving this one a try soon!

Some Really Neat Stuff From Paldo

My friend Sungmin over at Paldo Foods America sent a package of neat stuff!

Wow this looks cool!

A bunch of little cellophane wrapped rectangular things…

Hey neat! Paldo postable notes and little color flags! I like how on top it has info on different products and what quantities they come in!

RAD! A couple posters with the Namja Man! Wish I could’ve gotten a better pic but I think you get the idea!

Desk calendars! Cool!

How awesome – I think this is my favorite pages. I kind of like the idea of a business trip dealing with instant noodles! Thanks to Sungmin and everyone over at Paldo America for sending me this stuff!

#932: Paldo Namja Ramen

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I thought this would be nice to have. I’ve reviewed the Korean version in the past – this is the version for sale in the US.

Back of the package (click image to enlarge). From the ingredients, you can see the beef, chicken and garlic components.

The noodle block.

Seasoning powder packet.

Ahhh look at all of the powder – should be hot’n’spicy!

Veggie packet.

A nice little melange.

Finished (click image to enlarge).  Added sweet onion, some processed cheese, fresh Thanksgiving turkey, French’s French Fried Onions, a hard boiled egg and Krazy Mixed Up Salt. The noodles are great – nice and plump and plentiful. The broth has a great flavor – a strong spiciness too. Excellent red broth! The veggies are very nice too – good amount of garlic in there! Great stuff! 5.0 out of 5.0 stars! UPC bar code 648436100729 – get it here.

Here’s the commercial for Namja Ramyun

Hey sweet – I live just a couple minutes south of Lynwood!

We want to take this flight someday…

Meet The Manufacturer: Paldo Promotional Gifts & Samples

I got a couple of large boxes from the folks at Paldo America today! Wonder what’s inside?

Samples to review! Some new ones, some that I’ve already reviewed too. Really looking forward to a week of Korean noodles! Yum!

I think this is a hint! Okay I’ll try using chopsticks again!

I’ve never seen anything like this – it’s a USB drive built into a card! Thanks! Now I can have a backup of all my noodle stuff in my wallet!

Speaking of wallets, they sent me a Paldo card wallet! What’s great about this is that my business cards are usually too tall to fit in my wallet so this is perfect!

They sent some baseball related items too – it looks like Paldo is the big sponsor of South Korea’s Korean Baseball Organization! This is a giant baseball on a little wooden stand! Very cool!

A big sticker!

They also sent a couple ball caps – the one on the left is from the SK Wyverns and the right is the LG Twins.

Finally, this interesting little guy. Not exactly sure what he is though! It’s made of a heavy rubber – my wife thinks it is to hold down the lid of cup noodles. I think he’ll do splendidly at this task! *I was told by Moses that it’s actually an enormous pencil eraser!

Thanks go to Moses and all at Paldo for these nice items and great products to review!