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Meet The Manufacturer: #2081: Nissin Cup Mifun Spicy Beef Flavour

Today, we delve into a rice vermicelli cup. Mifun is just one name for rice noodles – here’s some more from wikipedia: ...see full post

#1972: Doll Spicy Flavour Instant Mifun

Here’s one from Colin of Arlington, MA! He sent a great big box of varieties  after I called out to readers for new stuff to review! Thanks! This one surprised me; I haven’t reviewed anything by Doll brand in a very long time and I know it’s a popular brand in Hong Kong. It’s interesting that Colin has access to such a different range of products on the east coast… Anyways, from what I can surmise, mifun might also be known as maifun. These are rice vermicelli. Let’s check it out! ...see full post