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#4427: Homiah Malaysian Red Curry / Laksa Noodle – United States

#4427: Homiah Malaysian Rec Curry / Laksa Noodle - United States

I was contacted recently by a woman named Michelle over at www.homiah.com – a website specializing in the flavors of Indonesia, singapore, and Malaysia. She asked if I’d like to try some of their products and of course I’m all in on that. So this is the first of three reviews I’ll be doing – stay tuned for the other two. The products are gluten free and as I’m writing this after trying this red curry, so far so very good. Let’s cook some red curry! ...see full post

#4211: MAMA Pad Thai Meal Kit – Thailand

#4211: MAMA Pad Thai Meal Kit - Thailand

About seven years ago, I had the fortune to be invited to visit MAMA’s instant wheat and rice noodle factories in Thailand. It was so amazing; these places are so amazingly clean and full of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. By the time this is released, my guess is that my Definitive Guide To MAMA Tom Yum will be out. They’re celebrating their 50th year and that’s pretty darn cool. I’m really excited about it! Let’s check out this Pad Thai though – I’m guessing it will be quite good. ...see full post