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#3182: Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Roast Beef Flavor – United States

#3182: Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Roast Beef Flavor - United States

I’ve reviewed this in the past, but this one has new packaging and so gets a new number. I dunno – could have a new recipe too. Many companies are making subtle below the radar changes on their domestic product lines including lowering sodium. It’s kind of funny; people complain about the amount of sodium in instant noodles, but when presented a lower sodium product that exclaims the feature, they’ll shy away with thoughts of blandness. It just goes to show people are kind of conflicted. Okay, not kind of. ...see full post

#2028: Maruchan Ramen Sopa Maruchan Sabor A Camaron, Limon Y Habanero

Here’s one I got from Paul S. – also got one from Colin. Thanks guys! What’s kind of crazy here is that this is the first Minstant noodle I’ve reviewed from Mexico (or at least made for the Mexican market). Instant noodles (fideos instantanea) are extremely popular in Mexico, as well as by the Latino population in the United States. Sopa means soup, sabor a camaron, limon y habanero means shrimp, lemon and habanero flavor. Anyways, let’s crack this sucker open! ...see full post