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Unboxing Time: Exotic Noods May Green Box

Unboxing Time: Exotic Noods May Green Box

Every month, the folks at www.exoticnoods.com send me over a box so I can show you what they’ve got going on. There’s some really great stuff in this month’s box and I’ve alkso got a coupon code for you – it’s BOOM! Use it to get a discount! Let’s see what’s in here! ...see full post

#1615: Hankow Shanghai Kaiyang Noodle

This is the first review here in our new apartment. It’s been
frustrating; the only Internet I have currently is via tethering
my cell phone to the desktop, and I’m hoping I don’t go over the
data allowance. So I’ve got Still have 6 days until they install
– which is a long time… Kit picked this one out for me a couple
of weeks ago. There are a couple other ones in this line, but she
picked this one because it showed shrimp and knows I like shrimp.
Let’s have a look! ...see full post

#784: Hankow “Cai Lin Ji” Dry Noodles

Here’s another one my sister brought me from Canasda. I’ve been very curious about what’s going on with this one for a while. Today seemed like the right day for it. I used the UPC code to find the website for this company and found this little snippet about the product: ...see full post