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#1626: Nissin Gonbuto Kitsune Udon

This is another of the Gonbuto bowls. Nissin Gonbuto Kitsune Udon has a unique preparation regime which was quite hard to figure out – I figured it out after a lot of research (to be honest, I read the side numbers). Let’s have a look at this Nissin Gonbuto Kitsune Udon bowl! ...see full post

#1578: Nissin Gonbuto Tempura Udon

I thought today would be a nice day to deal with one I’ve been a little confused about. The instructions on this one have had me confused; drain it but it has soup? Hmmm… Well, a YouTube video I found helped with that and now it makes a lot of sense! In fact, it’s looking like a very easy one to prepare to be honest. Let’s have a look at this Nissin Gonbuto Tempura Udon and it’s unique preparation. ...see full post