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Unboxing Time: Send Noods Fast

Today, we have a box from a newcomer to the gift instant noodle world. Send Noods Fast has really fancy little boxes you can get sent to your door, and today we’re cracking one open for your viewing pleasure!

Unboxing Time: Send Noods Fast

It’s Unboxing Time With The Ramen Rater!

So I usually wake up at 4am – no joke. I have two kids age 2 and 10 months. It’s kind of a necessity if I want to get anything done before 2pm – which is nap time. So I liked this box – neat assortment and extras. If you’d like to get one or something else on their website, head to Send Noods Fast and use the coupon code THERAMENRATER to get 10% off on your order! Thanks to Send Noods Fast for sending this along!

Awesome Gift From A-Sha Dry Noodle! Hello Kitty!

I saw this neat thing on A-Sha Taiwan’s website and thought hmmm… Wonder if they can find me one…


Wow! Twenty packs of A-Sha Hello Kitty noodles! Thanks! Want to get your own? Well, I hate to say it but you’ll have to travel to Taiwan and get some there – not for sale in the USA. Big thanks to Hann-wei, Young, and everyone at A-Sha for this very kind gift! Will review them soon!

A Gift From The President Of Nongshim America

It’s been a couple months since our trip to Nongshim in Rancho Cucamonga, California. I was sent a very nice gift from the president of Nongshim America to thank us for visiting and for our reviews! Thank you! This is a golden pot, a very standard cooking item in Korea used to make ramyun!

A nice new bowl for noodles!

A nice ceramic bowl.

This one’s interesting – it’s a stainless bowl that has an empty air pocket in the middle so hot soup wont burn your fingers if you’re carrying the bowl! I think a bowl like this was used when I had Naengmyeon once.

This one’s fancy – has a nice pair of fish in the middle and a craquelure that’s glazed over – really neat!

This one has a nice earthenware material and the paint drips are really neat! Can’t wait to try these all out – going to of course break ’em in with Nongshim noodles too! Thanks again! As always, my reviews are based on the quality of the products and the products alone – and I’ve really enjoyed Nongshim’s products a lot!

A Very Big Thank You

A big thank you goes out to Michael M. from Staten Island, NY who sent a nice box of noodles he found down the kosher aisle at his local grocery store. He’s been a fan of the site for a while now and really saved my ass when he noticed that the domain www.ramenrater.com wasn’t doing anything and the site was dead! Thanks!!!