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#3617: PLN Food Co. Ltd. Classic Dry Noodle – Taiwan

#3617: PLN Food Co. Ltd. Classic Dry Noodle - Taiwan

Here’s the first of two varieties that PLN Food Co. Ltd. of Taiwan sent over. This is not an instant variety – this is a frozen variety! They went to extreme lengths to send it over for my review and I’m really excited to try them! Let’s have a look. ...see full post

Meet The Manufacturer: #1341: Cuisine Adventures Chicken Phở Soup

Pho is a great noodle soup enjoyed world wide. I’ve had varieties in packs and bowls before, but really nothing like this; it’s truly something completely different from what I’ve had in the past. It’s in a bowl, frozen, and water is added. Very different in respect to design and cooking for sure. Also, never tried any frozen pho varieties either. Let’s give this a try! ...see full post