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The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten American Instant Noodles Of All Time 2021 Edition

The Ramen Rater's Top Ten American Instant Noodles Of All Time 2021 Edition

A lot of things have changed in the last year. I decided it would be a great time to come out with the Top Ten American instant noodles list; it’s November 2nd. Tomorrow is the last day to vote in a crucial election – whichever candidate you support, go exercise your right to vote! The video this year is very different. With the pandemic and my kids home from school doing about 25 Zoom meetings a week, my time has been critically limited. This way however, I’ll be able to bring you more top ten lists I think. This list is comprised of my favorite American varieties out of all the reviews up to #3,636, which count 446 varieties. Let’s check out The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten American Instant Noodles Of All Time 2021 Edition! ...see full post

#2931: Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Creamy Chicken Flavor (New Packaging)

#2931: Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Creamy Chicken Flavor (New Packaging)

Yesterday, I needed a new pair of pants. I’m not into ultra fashionable stuff – like paying $100 for jeans, so we went to Walmart. Walmart is an interesting place – you’ll see some interesting people there – especially at the one in Lynnwood, Washington. When we got out of the car, there was the sound of some guy at the other side of the parking lot screaming obscenities at someone or some thing – unsure. But that was entertaining. In the store, we g ot to see a lady with a very small dog barking at everyone and every thing ( apparently, if you have an ’emotional support’ dog you can bring it with you, but this dog needed emotional support and was definitely not providing it for anyone). I did get some new pants, and they were extremely cheap. $16 for pants. It’s been a while since we’ve been to Walmart so I thought a trip down the domestic instant noodle aisle might be in order. Surprisingly, they had a very small amount of them, however they did have this pack. Creamy Chicken has been one of my absolute favorites for a very,  very long time. I am curious to see whether or not they’ve changed the recipe as that seems to be a popular thing to do in the US instant noodle market right now. Let’s crack open this new package design and give it a try! ...see full post

My New Go To When I’m Under The Weather From Prima & Prima Taste

My New Go To When I'm Under The Weather From Prima & Prima Taste

Okay so a week or so ago I got a big package from Prima Taste over in Singapore (thanks again!) – full of tasty stuff! Well, last Sunday I ended up getting the worst stomach flu I think I’ve ever had and it was really crummy. Really did a number on med and put me in bed a few days. This was not from what they sent – let’s make that clear – the stomach flu ios going around. Well, once the clouds started to lift, I was hungry. Didn’t want to do anything spicy and something tasty. My wife made me this Prima Juzz’s Mee with some hard boiled egg and cut up breaded chicken (yeah they’re chicken nuggets – we have kids and hey it’s protein so don’t give me any guff) and some instant rice thrown in there too. ...see full post

#1925: Prima Juzz’s Mee Creamy Chicken Flavour

This is the third and final variety of the Juzz’s Mee I got from Prima a while back. So far, the other two were extremely good and I’ve been looking forward to this one. I’ve always been fond of creamy chicken instant noodles – a couple companies here in the Us have made creamy chicken variants that have been some of the best chicken varieties I’ve tried. I’m very curious about a Singaporean take on creamy chicken – so let’s have a look! ...see full post

The Ramen Rater’s Top Ten Instant Noodles Made In The USA Of All Time 2013 Edition

The instant noodle originated in 1958 in Japan, but since that time, they’ve expanded in popularity all over the world, including of course, the United States. Seeing this, instant noodle companies thought it wise to start building plants here in the 1970s. Since then, many brands operate factories here in the US, mostly in southern California. This is a list of my favorite varieties produced here, encompassing my over 1,100 reviews to date. With that, here’s your top ten, America! ...see full post

#713: Nissin Spoon it Creamy Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup

Last evening, my wife and I both started really getting attacked by an insidious enemy. One that doesn’t show itself but just occurs without warning. Allergies. Eyes, nose throat; everything just seemed to be very busy making us miserable. At this point, I would usually turn to an old standby my mother used to make for me when my face’s innards went awry like this – Mrs. Grass Chicken Soup Mix. Wonderful stuff – it has a little rubbery golden egg shaped thing called (I’m totally not kidding about this) ‘The Golden Flavor Nugget.’ Lots and lots of noodles and chickenny goodness. Well, we don’t have any, so I thought I’d go ahead and hit up this one. Creamy chicken flavor is one of my favorites – and Nissin doesn’t make creamy chicken Top Ramen anymore so I wonder how this stuff is. So off we go intgo noodle land! ...see full post

#23: Nissin Top Ramen Creamy Chicken Flavor

Nissin: Top Ramen Creamy Chicken Flavor Stars: **** 1/2
Notes: As I have said before, dropped the ball here – really pedestrian. If you’re looking for something authentic, this isn’t it. One thing though – this is the company that originated ramen! This flavor caught my eye today as I feel under the weather and was
hungry. I threw a good tablespoon or two of minced onion [dehydrated] in it
and was pleasantly surprised. If I had another package of it, I would be hard
not to eat it right this instant. The high marks are earned for the flavor, but as far as adventure, it gets a single star. ...see full post