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#633: Mr. Udon Oriental Udon Noodle Seafood Selection

Assorted seasfood eh? Trout and octopus? Sardine and shrimp? Crab and sea cucumber? Not sure but Let’s find out. ...see full post

#632: Mr. Udon Oriental Udon Noodle Japanese Miso

Mr. Udon, I presume? I was looking in the fridge yesterday putting groceries away. A couple sodas wouldn’t fit – something was blocking them. Two packs of Mr. Udon noodles  that I got early lasrt year. Hmmm… I wondered if they were still good – May 2012 exclaimed the expiration date! So let’s give this stuff a try before it goes bad! ...see full post

#477: Mr. Udon Oriental Udon Noodle Malaysian Beef Flavor Artificially Flavored

One of four packs I got at a Big Lots store. Pretty cheap too.

Two packets – powdered seasoning and ‘dried flake’ – veggies. ...see full post

#444: Mr. Udon Oriental Udon Noodle Oriental Chicken Flavor Artificially Flavored

So here’s something new – Mr. Udon! These came from a Big Lots store north of here – was rather surprised to see it honestly. So let’s give ‘er a try! ...see full post