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#4308: Marutai Asahikawa Soy Sauce Ramen – Japan

#4308: Marutai Asahikawa Soy Sauce Ramen - Japan

Well, it appears it’s time for something from Japan. Hopefully I’ll be doing more Japanese stuff again soon, but currently this is the only variety I have. This is another one I got at the Bellevue S*Mart – and it has a story. It was on the shelf, however it hadn’t been entered into the system as of yet. The lady called the manager to come down and had us wait. We were about to leave (two young children aren’t too interested in standing at a check stand for long before troublemaking ensues). Well, he came down, then went back up to enter it into the system. So we got it. It’s a really interesting store – they’re got a lot of stuff I haven’t seen anywhere else. Well, it’s probably a good one to wait for – Marutai straight noodle ramen products tend to be some of the best around. Let’s check it out! ...see full post