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#4788: A1 Bihun Kari Laksa Curry Laksa Vermicelli – Malaysia

#4788: A1 Bihun Kari Laksa Curry Laksa Vermicelli - Malaysia

Back in October of 2021, I penned a review of the wheat noodle version of this one. It was brought to me locally by a fellow named Andres who found it in Canada and he met me at the local grocery store. I ended up not only reviewing it, but doing a ‘How I Review’ style video which details the nuts and bolts of how I do a review, from photography to image editing, cooking, making the Instant Noodle Recipe Time show, and more. It was published in January of 2022 and you can see it here. ...see full post

#4062: A1 Mi Kari Laksa Curry Laksa Noodle – Malaysia

This is a special one I’m posting today – it’s the subject of a short film I’m doing as I type this about how I review! I want to thank a fellow instant noodle enthusiast named Andres who was kind enough to donate this to me yesterday – he’s a local who has visited a lot of places in search of instant noodle varieties! This one was found up in Canada. ...see full post