The Ramen Rater Brings You Shin Ramyun Ice Cream

Shin Ramyun Ice Cream

This may sound very weird to you, but this isn’t the first weird ice cream and ramen mashup rodeo I’ve done here. Actually, there are two others but those will be coming soon. This, however is one of the stranger ones and I thought why not just get it to you, the viewer as soon as possible? You like the Shin, don’t you? Yes, all of you do. Well, why not combine that flavor with a frozen treat and have Shin Ice Cream? What a perfect autumn dessert option? Well, Let’s continue onward with what we’re doing – you will enjoy the results possibly!

Shin Ramyun Ice Cream

Watch The Visual Presentation

Enjoy seeing Shin Ramyun transform in a manner of culinary alchemy and machinery into a strong ice cream.

How It’s Made

I’ve got a Cusinart ICE30R ice cream naker. I always wanted to attempt to make ice cream, but I always heard you needed ice and rock salt. This thing has a bucket and you throw it in the freezer for a LONG time and then mix your ingredients and turn on the machine and zing you have ice cream. For this, I used heavy (whipping) cream, whole milk, sugar, imitation vanilla (get the real thing don’t be like me and go for the cheapo crap), and whisked that all together. Then I put the ice cream maker up and poured that in. I added the vegetable bits from two cups of Shin Ramyun, then the sachets from two cups. I microwaved a cup with just the noodles themselves and then threw little bits of that in as well. After about 25 minutes, I had the best consistency of ice cream to have been made in the machine – I think its because we have a pretty full fridge/freezer and I left the bucket in there for 2 days.

The finished product

Shin Ramyun Ice Cream

Finished (click to enlarge). Well, here we are. What’s under the ice cream? A Franz Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned doughnut. Why? You’re asking too many questions. Anyways, the ice cream starts with a confusing sweetness – and about 2-3 second later you get this strange throat hit of spicy heat. Is the ice cream good? Well, if you took the Shin seasoning out and put it in boiling water as well as the noodle bits and the dehydrated vegetable bits, yeah, the ice cream would probably be good. However, ice cream flavored with Shin soup base atop a lovely pumpkin spice old fashioned is really quite terrible. I didn’t expect that it would be good at all, but I just wanted to give it a try. So I did – and now you don’t have to.

Shin Ramyun Ice Cream

Here’s the side view – so this isn’t the end of the varieties of ramen ice cream. I’ve got two more you’ll see soon and two more I’m thinking of doing very soon. Why am I doing this? It’s weird. I like weird things. I doubt anyone’s done this before – perhaps they have, but I don’t know if they’d admit it. I’m unabashed about publicly sharing my weird food things. It was an interesting go round. Hope you enjoyed it.


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