Meet The Manufacturer: Interview With Suimin – Australia

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I was digging around on Instagram one day and I came across a few varieties that piqued my interest. Ones from Suimin of Australia that looked very good! Well, I contacted them and they were keen on doing a Meet The Manufacturer series, and so here we are. This is an interview I conducted with Ann-Marie Azzurro, Marketing Coordinator for Suimin.

Interview With Suimin – Australia

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you for agreeing to this interview! To start, can you tell my readers
about the history of Suimin?

SUIMIN> Suimin has been producing cup and bowl noodles for over 20 years, so we are
very proud of our heritage and longevity. Suimin first started out producing
noodle cups, and then branched out into producing a variety of noodle bowls.
Nowadays, Suimin produces both cups and bowls, and most recently introduced
a premium noodle bowl – Suimin Origins.
Suimin noodles is a brand that aims to bring to life the exquisite flavours of the
Orient. By creating traditional Asian style flavours and using authentic pastes and
ingredients, Suimin takes your tastebuds on a flavour adventure straight from
your pantry in the convenience of your own home, work or outdoors.

TRR> Why the name Suimin?

SUIMIN> Suimin is actually the Japanese word for sleep – but our noodles won’t put you to
sleep. It is just a name that works and is a good fit for an authentic noodle brand.
After 20 years in the market, I think we have made a good choice on the name as
consumers love Suimin.

TRR> Can you tell us about the varieties of noodles you make?

SUIMIN> All Suimin noodles use a traditional wheat ramen noodles as their base. Our 70g
Suimin Noodle Cups include a traditional broth base and are available in 9
flavours – Braised Beef, Chicken, Chicken and Sweet Corn, Curried Prawn, Hot
and Spicy, Mi Goreng, Oriental Chicken, Prawn and Chicken and Spicy Thai. We
also make a 110g noodle bowl using traditional Thai pastes, which are available
in 3 varieties – Tom Yum, Red Curry and Coconut Chicken. Most recently, our
Suimin Origins Premium Noodle Bowls made with real authentic ingredients (i.e.
herbs, spices, coconut, chilli and traditional Thai pastes) are available in three
flavours – Beef Massaman, Thai Green Curry and Seafood Laksa. Some of our
noodle products are also vegan and vegetarian suitable for those who follow a
specific diet.

TRR> Your company is located in Australia. Can you tell us a little about your

SUIMIN> Suimin is located in Adelaide, South Australia. Adelaide is a smaller Australian
capital city with a populati
state of Australia with some of the best produce being exported around the world.
In South Australia we have the most beautiful beaches, rugged outback deserts
and picturesque regional towns. South Australia is also known for some of the
most poisonous snakes and spiders in Australia plus the enormous great white
sharks. However, that doesn’t bother us because Adelaide and South Australia
are one of the most beautiful places, not just in Australia, but in the world.

TRR> How does your noodle making process differ from other instant noodle

SUIMIN> This is hard to comment on as we don’t know the processes that other
manufacturers use, so we just focus on making our noodles the best they can
be…and you’ve tried them and rated them pretty highly, so we must be doing
something right 😊

TRR> How do you decide on what varieties to produce?

SUIMIN> As a brand, Suimin is continually striving to understand the needs of consumers
and monitor the instant noodle market. By understanding the current trends, we
research and develop flavours that we believe will be enjoyed by our consumers
that stay true to our brand identity. Our product developers love noodles and
ramen so it is really fun sourcing new flavours that will be true to the authentic
tastes of Asia. It’s kinda a dream job for a ramen rater 😊

TRR> How many noodle products do you produce every year?

SUIMIN> Too many to count on one hand. Suimin produces 15 different types of noodle
cups and bowls that are stocked nationally in major supermarkets in Australia
and New Zealand, so that’s a lot of noodles that get shipped around the country
and overseas.

TRR> Apart from noodles, are there other products you produce or plan to

SUIMIN> Suimin specialises in noodles and we are continually looking to develop new
flavours and noodle varieties.

TRR> Can you suggest pairings for your products, like meats, seafood or

SUIMIN> One of the nice things about ramen is that in this delicious broth you can have a
variety of textures that make the eating experience fun and enjoyable. Slices of
chicken, beef, tofu or mushrooms add protein and texture, while bean shoots add
crunch. Asian green vegetables such as bok choy or pak choy have the wilted
green leaf but the crunch of the white stem. It just depends on the flavour you
choose and what is in your fridge. Also, fresh herbs such as Thai basil or
coriander (Cilantro) are the best, as not only do they add texture but they really
elevate a simple bowl of noodles into something extra special.

TRR> A lot of people are concerned with their sodium intake. How would you
recommend people enjoy your product as part of a healthy meal?

SUIMIN> Adding freshly cooked vegetables and protein can create a better for you meal
alternative. However, everything needs to be eaten in moderation as part of a
balanced diet.

TRR> Are there any new products coming soon?
We are constantly looking for new products. Our fans will have to keep an eye on
Suimin Noodles through Facebook, Instagram and our website.

TRR> In what countries are your products available?

SUIMIN> Our noodles are currently available in Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan, but
we are looking to expand further.

TRR> When you make noodles for yourself, what do you like to add to them to
make them extra special?

SUIMIN> If I am after a quick meal or snack, I prefer to eat the noodles as they are, but if I
am after a more substantial meal, I like to add a meat (generally chicken),
steamed bok choy, chilli oil and sliced spring onions. But the possibilities are

THE RAMEN RATER> Thank you very much for this opportunity to learn about Suimin and your products!