The Ramen Rater: How I Review 2.0

The Ramen Rater: How I Review 2.0

Today, I wanted to show you exactly what goes into my reviews from start to finish.

The Ramen Rater: How I Review 2.0

How I Review 2.0

Over the years, I’ve learned many things. My earliest reviews were literally just scans of the front of the package and maybe a full sentence, maybe two, about what I thought of the product with my unseasoned palate. It wasn’t even a blog, really – more of just a spreadsheet of sorts. As time went on, however, I added things here and there. From bowls to backdrops, to lighting and cooking instructions. These days, I really try to give a full picture of what the product is, sometimes info about the origins of their particular flavor, and lots of indigenous garnish.

I won’t mince words here – this is a long video – over 40 minutes. I didn’t want to leave anything out. The previous video I did in December of 2015 was pretty good for that time. Many new changes to the production and process of reviews have changed. However, the actual reviewing itself hasn’t. I still only base my reviews on the base product and cook them according to the letter of the package instructions. I hope you enjoy this video.

It should be noted that I generally review two varieties every day. As of this posting, I’ve just posted review #2598. However, review #2700 is shown. I’m a little ahead!

Oh, and the intro/outro – I got a green screen! It’s a big piece of green cloth that unfolds into a 5×7 foot screen. When you stand in front of it and videotape, you can then take that video and use tools that allow you to remove the green color. Then you can put a layer underneath. Pretty neat stuff you’ll be seeing a lot more in my videos – this is the first time I’ve done this.

I also thought I’d add the equipment I use below as some people might find that interesting.

Camera: Nikon D5500
Lens: Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens
Copy Stand: Albinar 23″ High Copy Macro Stand with 14″x15.75″ Base, Quick Release Mount, Bubble Level and Lights
Bulbs: Daylight LEDs with handkerchief muslin as diffusers
Printer/Scanner: HP Envy 110 e-All-in-One Printer
Monitor: Samsung Samsung 27″ (Curved)
Software: Nikon Camera Control Pro 2
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Premiere Elements

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