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Friday Video: East Of Occidental

Today, I have a half of a documentary – unfortunately, if you want the other half you have to pay for it… But the first half is a real eye opener for people who have frequented the Seattle International District. Definitely spend 15 minutes of your day to watch this. ...see full post

Friday Video: Get Ready For Momofuku Ando Day!

This is one of my favorite videos about instant noodles – it’s long and goes in depth. From Momofuku Ando to the science behind the fried noodle. Check it out! Monday is Momofuku Ando Day! ...see full post

Friday Video: “The Noodle Guy”

Here’s a documentary about a man who came from China to Flushing, New York to further his acting career and ended up being a noodle cook. ‘The Noodle Guy’ is definitely worth a watch. Enjoy! Happy Friday! ...see full post

Friday Video: The Most In-Depth Instant Noodle Documentary. Ever.

If you’ve wanted a really in-depth documentary about the instant noodle, this is a great one. From past to present and beyond, this documentary follows the journey – from Momofuku Ando’s process of inventing the instant noodle, to how it’s developed in different cultures. ...see full post