The Ultimate Instant Noodles Collection

The Ultimate Instant Noodles Collection - ramen - the ramen rater

Okay so some of you may be wondering – and some have asked as well: what do you noodle holding pens look like? Well, they’re next to my desk – actually next to and under.

The Ultimate Instant Noodles Collection – The Ramen Rater WHQ 3.0 – United States

The glorious collection

Readers send me noodles. Companies send me noodles. I find noodles I’ve not tried in the myriad Asian and otherwise stores I check out. I keep them in large storage bins which keep them out of light, generally at a constant cool temperature and (luckily, knock on wood) out of the purview or little hands as my 2-year-old Miles is very curious about everything. I try to get through them two per day – it can be very difficult though as a stay at home dad. I wake up before everyone else, try to get pictures and posts ready, and then I spend about 7 hours with the kiddos before they go down for a nap which lasts for a couple hours. Aty that time I do the cooking and attempt to get a few pictures done for the next day’s posts. If you have any questions about the instant noodles collection, please feel free to ask in the comment section below. One question I’ll answer here: how many are in there? I haven’t counted, to be honest. Another one might be asking if I eat the whole pack of noodles and review two each day – do I actually eat two whole packs of instant noodles every day? No. I generally take a couple bits of noodles and slurps of broth on each one – enough to judge the flavor and texture of the noodles and broth for their scoring – I usually will have some of the meat and fish cake garnish as well, but maybe a quarter pack’s worth of instant noodles a day if even that.

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