New Product Samples From MyKuali

Usually I ask for companies that have been in the previous year’s top ten to send some samples that I’ll re-review ahead of the new list. MyKuali did this, but there’s a difference. They’ve changed the recipes for their three products that were on the list last year, so I have to cram some new reviews in before it’s too late! Lukcily, I really like this stuff so that shouldn’t be too hard! Let’s see what’s inside.

Hmmm what have we here?

A-ha (click to enlarge). You’ll notice these have an ‘authentic taste’ sticker on them. I asked whether this was just something new to put on the packs (they previously had an improved taste sticker the first time they changed recipes). I was told this is yet a new change to the products – little tweaks here and there.

Cups (click to enlarge) – I didn’t know these even existed! I’ll review them soon!

Garlic fish paste and spicy garlic fish paste (click to enlarge) – I’ve never tried anything like this so it should be interesting. I was told it’s good with vegetables to give them a nice flavor. Thanks! Looking forward to samples all of these soon!

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