A Thank You To Some Great Local Businesses

I wanted to let people know about some pretty neat places around where I live. I live in a small town called Kenmore which is at the north end of Lake Washington. We moved here in March and really have enjoyed it a lot so far – my wife has commented that she’s felt at home here quicker than any of the other places we’ve lived which is really nice! Anyways, I wanted to give a quick shout out and thank you to some businesses around here that you should check out if you’re in the area!

I joined a facebook group called Kenmore Neighbors shortly after we moved here and learned a lot about events and happenings in the area. A fellow named Justin from Cutting Edge Upholstery posted saying that they had lots of fabric samples they wanted to get rid of. I thought hey – maybe these would be the right size for backgrounds for noodle photos! I usually do placemats, but I always like to get something new. Well, as it turns out he had a couple dozen! So I brought him some noodles and got some great new backgrounds you’ll see soon!

Actually, you’ve possibly already seen one (click image to enlarge). This is a bowl of laksa I made for a special post celebrating Singapore’s 50th Anniversary. If you need your furniture upholstered, check out Cutting Edge Upholstery! Thank you!

A short drive away in Lynnwood next to the HMart on 184th, there was an empty spot here for ages and then recently we noticed Katsu Burger setting up shop. I was curious when I saw the name, but I thought maybe we should investigate further!

Wow – tonkatsu burgers! How awesome is that?! This is the Ninja burger and it’s efreaking huge! I guess if you want to be crazy you can get the Mt. Fuji – I think that one has three patties on it – chicken, beef and pork! Amazing…

They also have a Chotto Snack – and it’s definitely more than a snack – 6 big pieces of chicken or pork tonkotsu and a side of fried. I think the fried are my favorite thing about this place: you can get sea salt, nori, spicy or CURRY FRIES! I got the curry fries and it heralded back to my younger days when me and a friend would come back from the local pub crawl in Anacortes and douse potatoes in the oven with curry powder. These come out much better and your fingers will smell like curry for days! Probably the best thing in the universe. Check out Katsu Burger in Lynnwood and other spots in the Seattle area!

Back to Kenmore and to a new shop that just opened a couple weeks ago: Daddy’s Donuts. It’s a twist on the regular old donut shop where you get lots of different big donuts. What you can get here are mini donuts, and then they add different toppings. My wife Kit is holding the Coco-Loco, 3 donuts with some chocolate, tres leche drizzle and coconut flakes. Great stuff! Come and check out Daddy’s Donuts!

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