#1411: A-Sha Prince Katsu Snack Noodle

Woot – snack noodles! This is one of the last ones I got at my old apartment. Really looking forward to seeing new stuff arrive at our new place! Anyways, this is a big bag with twenty little bags inside of it. That’s a lot of snacking! Let’s check it out!

Here’s the big English sticker (click image to enlarge). Looks to be meat free but check for yourself. To prepare, open one of the little bags, tilt towards mouth and eat.

Here’s the back of the big package without the large sticker (click image to enlarge).

One of the small bags contained within the big bag – there are twenty of them!

Here’s the back of one of the mini bags (click image to enlarge).

Finished (click image to enlarge). So it’s exactly what it looks like – dry noodles. They’re very light and crunchy and have a nice salty and crunchy appeal to them. There’s a bit of a sweet and garlic or onion kind of thing going on as well as a hint of spiciness. For a snack, this one gets 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. UPC bar code 4715635851632.

This is a neat little video on how to make a burger with A-Sha noodles.

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