A Donation From A True Fan!

So this came in the mail today from Eric Z., the guy who has been commenting almost daily on the site and helped translate the Itomen Yellow Buckwheat noodle bowl from a while back. He sent a letter:

Click the letter to enlarge. Socks you say?

Holy cow – Shin Ramyun styley socks! Thanks!

I send him an email thank you and he tells me the only condition is that I write a review and say how they taste! Well, no sock reviews but I’ll be sending some stickers your way soon Eric Z! Thanks!


  1. Wow! A offering of socks to the Ramen Rater. What a awesome tribute. A warm and signature brand of feet coverings for the Ramen Rater King. Fitting indeed.

    1. I think the best perk is that I have such great blog followers – this whole shbang wouldn’t be as fun and fulfilling without you guys – may the shrine of carbohydrates continue to exhude the bright light for the wayward noodle-needy!

      – The Ramen Rater

  2. You should go to the store with the socks on, stroll down the ramen isle, and loudly proclaim “I AM..THE RAMEN RATER!!!!”

  3. Great gift Nong Shim socks… You should wear them while preparing noodles. You will look extra sexy for your wife. (LOL)

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