#478: Vedan Mushroom & Artificial Cuttlefish Noodle for Vegetarian

We’ve never seen this brand before andthought hey why not. My wife really likes mushroom flavor things so thought she could have this for lunch, minus a couple bites and slurps for reviewing purposes.

Three packets – big ones too! From right to left: powdered seasoning, black vinegar, seasoned oil.

Here’s everything sitting on the block of noodles. Added boiling water and covered and…

Click image to enlarge. …here we are! So the noodles aren’t bad. The broth is mushroom flavored and there are odd bits of things in there. My wife aptly referred to their flavor as ‘earthy’ and probably the ‘vegetarian minced meat’ as mentioned in the ingredients. Very greasy though… To be honest it wasn’t the most pleasant of the mushroom flavor instant noodles I’ve tried – I’m going to give it 1.75 out of 5.0 stars.

A video from India – said Vedan in the title so figured what the hey…

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