July 23, 2010

#79: Sapporo Ichiban Kitsune Udon Japanese Style Noodles

Today, Kit & I walked to 99 Ranch Market together which was a lot of fun. I wanted to pick an interesting instant noodle to review, so I went with this one – Sapporo Ichiban Kitsune Udon.

Okay so soup base sure but what the heck is that weird looking rectangular thing? Fried bean curd (tofu)! Weird looking isn’t it?

Here’s the soup base – there’s lot of it too.

Okay so here we go. First off, udon is a reference to the type of noodles here. Udon is a heavier gauge noodle. These were chewier, thicker and flat. The fried tofu came out nicely; much like meat. I like this stuff – it has some character to it to be sure – not your every day stuff. I give it a 3.25 out of 5 stars. It’s not the best stuff ever; it is very salty and doesn’t seem to have enough noodles to deal with the 2.5 cups of liquid.I really did enjoy the tofu though and the noodles themselves tasted great. Find it here.