April 3, 2016

Meet The Manufacturer: Nissin Japan Samples (2 of 2)

Today I got a second box from Mr. Okabayashi at Nissin Japan! Let’s see what’s inside!

The thin veil of bubble wrap… What’s underneath?!

Check it out (click to enlarge) – Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu!

Chikin Ramen (click to enlarge)!! Where it all started!

Some large bowls (click to enlarge). Very fancy – never seen these before!

A couple of large cups (click to enlarge) – so many varieties!

Wow this is awesome (click to enlarge) – I’ve reviewed the three on top, however the one on the bottom – it’s the original Japanese Cup Noodle.

Finally, this small cup (click to enlarge) – not a clue what it is! Thank you so much – this is sure to be an excellent Meet The Manufacturer!