Meet The Manufacturer: Nissin Japan Samples (2 of 2)

Today I got a second box from Mr. Okabayashi at Nissin Japan! Let’s see what’s inside!

The thin veil of bubble wrap… What’s underneath?!

Check it out (click to enlarge) – Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu!

Chikin Ramen (click to enlarge)!! Where it all started!

Some large bowls (click to enlarge). Very fancy – never seen these before!

A couple of large cups (click to enlarge) – so many varieties!

Wow this is awesome (click to enlarge) – I’ve reviewed the three on top, however the one on the bottom – it’s the original Japanese Cup Noodle.

Finally, this small cup (click to enlarge) – not a clue what it is! Thank you so much – this is sure to be an excellent Meet The Manufacturer!


  1. Big difference between the JDM Cup Noodles and the USA made Cup O’Noodles. The noodles taste better and are thicker, the broth has flavor and there are egg and meat toppings. Maybe you can do a comparo.

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