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#2303: Maruchan Sopa Maruchan Sabor A Camaron

#2303: Maruchan Sopa Maruchan Sabor A Camaron - Mexico

Here’s one my friend Paul S. brought me back from a trip to Mexico – thanks again, bro! So instant noodles are very popular in Latin America. A lot of flavors that reflect the local tastes, this one being shrimp. Let’s check it out! ...see full post

#2028: Maruchan Ramen Sopa Maruchan Sabor A Camaron, Limon Y Habanero

Here’s one I got from Paul S. – also got one from Colin. Thanks guys! What’s kind of crazy here is that this is the first Minstant noodle I’ve reviewed from Mexico (or at least made for the Mexican market). Instant noodles (fideos instantanea) are extremely popular in Mexico, as well as by the Latino population in the United States. Sopa means soup, sabor a camaron, limon y habanero means shrimp, lemon and habanero flavor. Anyways, let’s crack this sucker open! ...see full post