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#2304: Maggi 2 Minute Noodles Masala Spicy

#2304: Maggi 2 Minute Noodles Masala Spicy - India - The Ramen Rater

Here’s one sent by Marvin R. from Texas – thanks again! I have trouble getting new varieties from India. It’s prertty far away and usually my only source are Indian grocery stores here.  Here’s a little about Maggi instant noodles from Wikipedia: ...see full post

#2210: Morre Instant Noodles Masala

Here’s one sent to me by a reader from fort Worth, TX named Marvin R. – thanks again! This pack is from Pakistan and has some neat languages all over it including Russian! Let’s give this masala favor instant a try! ...see full post

A Donation From A Reader In The USA!

Got contacted by Marvin R. a few weeks ago. He had come across some instant noodles that weren’t familiar to him and couldn’t find them anywhere on my blog. I did a little digging and was also kind of stumped. He said they were really good and decided to send me some – thanks! ...see full post