A Donation From A Reader In The USA!

Got contacted by Marvin R. a few weeks ago. He had come across some instant noodles that weren’t familiar to him and couldn’t find them anywhere on my blog. I did a little digging and was also kind of stumped. He said they were really good and decided to send me some – thanks!

These looks a LOT like another brand, but I think that’s where the similarities stop. These are branded as United and have very little contact/website info on them. Guess We’ll see how they are!

Marvin also sent me these 4 Quick Zabb varieties by Wai Wai! I just found these a week or so ago at a local store, but what’s funny is if you notice on the left, they’re in Thai and on the right in English. My packs are the opposite! By the way – if you’re into coffee and grills, be sure to check out Marvin’s website – Rodak’s Coffee & Grills – he’s in Ft. Worth, TX and looks like he’s got a neat shop! Thanks again!

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