New Product Samples From Mamee Chef

During my trip to Malaysia, I got a notification that I had a package from Malaysia back at my apartment! It was kind of funny; when we were in Kuala Lumpur’s airport, we saw DHL jetys on the tarmac – could be the same ones that brought these my way! These are brand new Mamee Chef varieties! Let’s look inside!

This is a first – I’ve seen CBP/USDA open a box and inspect individual packs, but not inspect the content of an individual pack before. At least they only did this with one of them.

Gold Recipe eh? This stuff must be really good – I’m a huge fan of their Tom Yum and Curry Laksa and they don’t say Gold Recipe. Hmm!

Ah – now check this out. So they’re both the same flavor, but one has regular gauge instant noodles (which they call Mi Tarik) and these here have superfine rice noodles (called bihun). Now, one thing I found in Malaysia was that a lot of the time in a noodle soup, you’d find the regular gauge yellow noodles and then a small amount of the bihun playing in there too. I’ll be giving these a try soon! Thank you very much!

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