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#2948: Itomen Kaisen Tonkotsu Ramen

#2948: Itomen Kaisen Tonkotsu Ramen

Here’s one from the surprise package from Taiwan I got a couple months ago. It’s got a bit of history – the box that is. If you look at the end credits in the 2018 Top Ten Bowls video, you can see my kids hanging out in it! ...see full post

#2583: Daikoku Kaisen (Seafood) Shio Noodles

#2583: Daikoku Kaisen (Seafood) Shio Noodles - Japan - The Ramen Rater - rmane - instant noodles

Here’s one I got from ZenPop, a company that’s producing ramen boxes in Japan. They have a new box every month with 9 different varieties for $29.50 – a pretty impressive deal as they include the shipping in the price. ...see full post