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#4020: Vite Ramen Grilled Ribeye Beef v1.2 – United States

#4020: Vite Ramen Grilled Ribeye Beef v1.2 - United States

Well, didn’t I just hit one of those big numbers a few weeks ago? Well, much earlier than I hit my 4000th review, the video at the bottom of this one got published. See, my episodes of Instant Noodle Recipe Time come out sooner that the posts they’re for. It’s nice having things staggered a bit to be honest. Well, the epiosde at the bottom of this review is my 1200th episode of Instant Noodle Recipe Time! A couple interesting things about this episode are the fact that I’m sure the kitchen will be incredibly hot – tomorrow (I get the posts ready for the review the night before) is probably going to be the last ultra hot day of the summer (if we’re lucky. Today it got up to 93F here if not hotter. It’s also kind of humid. We also have a lot of smoke from forest fires. So, I’ll be slaving away in a hot kitchen tomorrow – I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Thank you for watching the show. ...see full post