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#4310: A Taste Of Thai Peanut Noodles – United States

#4294: A Taste Of Thai Peanut Noodles - United States

As I’ve mentioned on Instant Noodle Recipe Time episodes lately, I’m running incredibly low on instant noodles to review. Found this one at the local Safeway grocery store today. Mind you, today is May 18th, 2022 and this will be probably posting in late September or early October. Why is that? Well, I do three reviews a day – and done that most days in the last month or so, so I’m not only ahead, I’m way ahead. Today I posted review #4153 – this is review #4294, so that’s 139 reviews ahead – possibly the farthest ahead I’ve been ever. I’ve really found a groove and I’m loathe to mess with it. I get up early, get the kids ready for the day, my wife heads to work, and between 715 and 8am, I do three reviews. After I get my son on the bus around 9am, I then come back and do up the videos and images and save my review. Then I get my daughter on the bus a bit later and go out walking ten miles, get home about a half hour before I have to go pick my daughter up from the bus, then start taking pics of the varieties I’ll be reviewing the next morning. It really works out great! But yeah – I’ve run through a hoard of varieties in the past month or so. This one sounded interesting. I also noticed today that the categories drop-down that has been on the website forever wasn’t there anymore, so I fixed that. ...see full post