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Meet The Manufacturer: #1999: Nissin Curry Udon

Wow – the cusp of history with this review, folks. The next post will be #2000. That’s a LOT of reviews. It’s funny though; it’s such a regular part of my day that it doesn’t seem too insanely crazy to me anymore. But then again, yeah – most people think I’m pretty nutty, but hey it’s a fun hobby and it’s unique – I dig my niche. Anyways, one of my favorite flavors is curry. Since I was a kid and my mom would make curried chicken livers for dinner (she hasn’t made that in years; she questions the quality of chicken livers these days), I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Well, this is Japanese curry; usually not super spicy and leaning towards the sweet side which is always nice. Let’s have a look at this cup. ...see full post