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#3022: Myojo Japanese Yakisoba Curry Flavor – United States

#3022: Myojo Japanese Yakisoba Curry Flavor - United States

I was in Bellevue the other day and hit Uwajimaya for a couple things. I thought hey – I’ll make yakisoba for dinner! I just got a big huge frying wok and so that should be fun. So I go to the aisle with the cold cases and find the yakisoba. The one I usually pick up was frozen hard as a rock – not cool. I looked for another and most of those were brick-hard. Then I found this one and was happy. Well, I get it home and I’m pissed. It’s curry. Now, everyone knows I love curry; it’s almost a religious thing for me. But not everyone in my place likes curry for dinner. So that was that – no yakisoba for dinner. It’s my fault for not noticing it was curry, but then again I wish the one I wanted wasn’t akin to a cinder block in its solidness. But personally, I know this should be pretty good stuff – let’s give it a try! ...see full post