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#2823: Wei Lih Hell Spicy Dry Noodle With Soup

#2823: Wei Lin Hell Spicy Dry Noodle With Soup

found this one at RT-Mart in Taipei during my recent trip. At first, it looked like a regular beef noodle but after looking around for information about it, it sounds a little more spicy! Lety’s check it out! ...see full post

#2768: Wei Lih Yi Du Zan Beef Instant Noodles

#2768: Wei Lih Yi Du Zan Beef Instant Noodles

Another big meaty bowl I lugged back from Taiwan in November 2017. A reader on the Facebook page for The Ramen Rater requested I pick this one up and I found it I believe at FamilyMart. ...see full post

#1462: Wei Lih Steam Instant Noodle Korean Salt & Rib Soup Flavor


Today I opened up my big hamper of noodles and this one popped into view. To be honest, I don’t know exactly when I got this one – Canada trip I think. Definitely has an interesting name – Korean Salt & Rib Soup. The closest thing I can think of that they might be referring to would be galbitang, which is a South Korean soup with short ribs and made with ox bone broth. Sounds interesting – let’s see what we have here. ...see full post