#2559: Jackpot Teriyaki – Beef Ramen

#2559: Jackpot Teriyaki - Beef Ramen - Tulalip - Washington - The Ramen Rater - ramyun korea korean

On June 22nd, we met my sister up in Tulalip, Washington to check out the outlet mall. It’s kind of a misnomer; you think outlet mall, you think cheap prices, right? Well, these are outlet stores for stuff like Coach, Burberry, etc – so you can get overpriced things that are still overpriced but not as cool as if you got it currently for this season. Ugh.

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun walking around. What’s interesting about Tulalip is that it’s on the Tulalip Indian Reservation next door to Marysville. You may be thinking ‘so what?’ Well, back in 2007 I was in a Computer Info Systems degree program at the local community college. My teacher also taught a Casino Slot Technology class and I decided to take it. He was a great guy – miss him a lot. Anyways, he told me how Tolalip has a zip code. ‘So what?’ came to mind. Well, being on a reservation, that makes it Federal land.

Again, so what?

Well, there’s only one other city in the United States that is on Federal land with a zipcode – Washington, DC. So basically, you commit a crime here, technically it’s a Federal crime. They have their own police department and all, but technically it’s the case. Interesting!

We;;. after walking all over the mall, my sister Sue invited us to have a bite to eat. She said there was this nice teriyaki joint nearby…

Jackpot Teriyaki – Beef Ramen – United States

8825 34th Ave NE Ste J, Tulalip, WA 98271

Phone number(360) 654-2977

#2559: Jackpot Teriyaki - Beef Ramen - Tulalip - Washington - The Ramen Rater - ramyun korea korean

Here’s the menu on the wall (click to enlarge). I’m legally blind and luckily they had little printed take out menus. Well, after looking at the wall menu zoomed in and the one on paper, there’s a difference. The paper one had a section that said ‘special’ and bam – it said Ramen – Beef Flavor. I immediately though beef ramen? Not pork tonkotsu? Not a msi or shio? Maybe shoyu. Yeah – a beef shoyu that must be it. I wasn’t extremely hungry but I thought yeah – let’s give it a try!

#2559: Jackpot Teriyaki - Beef Ramen - Tulalip - Washington - The Ramen Rater - ramyun korea korean

Here’s Miles waiting patiently (click to enlarge) Know that since he’s 22 months old, this is about as patient as you’re ever going to see him and that this ‘patience’ was a fraction of a second.

#2559: Jackpot Teriyaki - Beef Ramen - Tulalip - Washington - The Ramen Rater - ramyun korea korean

Then boom – our meals arrive (click to enlarge). I found the noodles to be curly and that it has mung bean sprouts, egg, cabbage, broccoli and carrot. As I slurped, I was getting the feeling that this was definitely not ramen. The woman who took our order was very nice – our daughter Miriam was in her car seat on the table and she started to get fussy. The woman asked if she would like it if she would feed her her bottle! So she fed her and talked about how mom’s carry their children – in Korea. Then it hit me – this definitely wasn’t ramen – it was ramyun.

I hadn’t said much as I was eating my noodles and when she mentioned that, I looked up and asked ‘Hanguk ramyun?’ Which means ‘Korean Ramyun?’ She seemed to be a little surprised and then I handed her one of my cards. I didn’t get exactly what variety it was, but I’m going to guess it was Ottogi Jin Ramen – the mild one. Maybe the spicy one but with a little extra water.

Regardless, this place rocks – I mean, I got to go out and get a bowl of Korean ramyun made for me – something that never has happened before. Plus, the garnish was absolutely perfect and made my day.I highly recommend this place – 5.0 out of 5.0 stars!


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