Meet The Manufacturer: Product Samples From Nissin Germany

This box just didn’t want to seem to show up – but it did, thankfully! Let’s see what’s inside!

Product Samples From Nissin – Germany

Very well packed!

Hey look (click to enlarge)! Six of the version of Demae Ramen sold in Germany!

Here’s how their Cup Noodles look (click to enlarge).

A new variety of Soba and one I’ve wanted to review for a long time (click to enlarge) – Smack!

Three new varieties of their Soba range (click to enlarge).

A coffee mug (click to enlarge)!

Chopsticks (click to enlarge)!

Hats (click to enlarge)!

An apron (click to enlarge)! Thank you very much – looking forward to reviewing these and already wearing one of the hats!

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