An Early Christmas Present From Prima Taste

A big box came today! I was expecting one from Prima Taste of Singapore – they have a couple new varieties I’ve been curious to try – let’s see what’s inside!

Wow – a nice looking box! And a card…

Click to enlarge. Wow – thank you very much!

I hate to open it – it’s so nicely wrapped… Okay – I’ll open it 🙂

What have we here?

A Christmas outfit for Miles! Plus, it fits! Thank you!

Another gift!

Very fancy chopsticks and rests – one is a cock and the other a dragon! That’s it – I’m going to have to start getting better at using chopsticks!

So here are some noodles. The one on the left has been on my top ten list for years now – but the one on the right is new – it’s made with 51% wholegrain flour.

They’ve also done this with the curry – I’m very interested and curious how these will be!

I was aware of the new La Mian wholegrain varieties, but never heard about these before. These are called Juzz’s Mee – they’re special flat noodles and come in original spicy, curry and creamy chicken – I’ll be reviewing these soon!

A little thumbdrivwe with videos on how to cook everything! Thank you to everyone at Prima Taste – this was a very nice gift and I really appreciate it! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

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