Samples From Eastland Foods – 2 of 2!

I remember hearing about ‘the original’ sriracha sauce a while back. It really seemed illogical that the ‘original’ would be made in Southern California, especially since I was in a city called Sriracha in Thailand this May. I found a Bon Appetit article mentioning the true original and some comment by Eastland Foods. I emailed my contact Michael over there to see if he could help me out with a sample – and he really came through (the original sriracha came in the other box) – thanks! Let’s see what’s in these boxes!

Maesri is another brand Eastland Foods distributes. It’s a Thai company that looks to make sauces and pastes.

Wow! Sweet chilli sauce and chilli paste in soybean oil. I’ll have to look to see how to cook something using the latter!

A cookbook!

Eastland Foods is the east coast distributor for Indomie – in fact, this is the original way I met Michael.

Indomie fridge magnet notpads!

Man, I think it’s re-review time for one of two of these – some of my all time faves!

A couple little Indomie bags!

Tamarind is kind of a sour taste. These are covered in salt and sugar. Some had little seeds inside. They are pretty good – definitely reminds me of things I tried in Thailand.

I didn’t know that they also distribute Vifon products – a Vietnamese brand. Thank you very much!

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